Top trends in coding in 2022

June 08, 2022 by Pragya Bansal

The world of technology is evolving rapidly, and this development is giving rise to many job opportunities in this industry. So, if you are one of those techies looking to join the world of coding, why not keep up with these trends?

As a coder, you have to keep yourself aware of what is latest and new in the field of programming. Sounds daunting? Fret not! In this article, I have listed the top trends in coding in 2022 to get you up to speed in no time.

Trend 1: Coding for everyone

There was a time when coding was associated with geekiness. But we have come a long way from that biased opinion. The world has finally acknowledged and understood what a marvelous wonder coding is.

Schools and colleges across the world are now teaching coding as a mandatory subject from the middle school itself. Parents are also in support of this and are enrolling their kids in coding courses and boot camps.

In the coming years, coding is set to become a crucial skill that is sought-after by all and transcends beyond just being a subject for engineering and science students. It is also projected that coding will be an essential skill for jobs of the future.

Trend 2: Low code/no code (LCNC)

Low-code or no-code developer systems essentially consist of visual software development environments which will enable non-coders to drag and drop the elements of the application, connect them and build mobile or web applications.

The core idea of low-code/no-code environments is to make software development more accessible by minimizing coding.

Paradoxical, isn’t it? In the first trend, we talked about how there is a need for everyone to learn coding and the second trend is about how the need for coders is working towards vanishing the need for everyone to learn to code.

Well, this is not entirely strange as automating the lower levels of coding only makes it more accessible for all.

In 2022, we are witnessing more uses of coding such as in e-commerce, mobile/web app development, websites, landing page development, workflow management, and much more.

Trend 3: Coding by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been an area of interest for quite some time now and it is the future of coding as well. An AI that can code by drawing from multiple sources is as sophisticated as technology can get.

This trend is already being witnessed with OpenAI Codex, an AI that translates natural language to code.

Another groundbreaking step towards automation in coding in 2022 is by DeepMind which has created an AI called AlphaCode which it says can write computer programs at a competitive level.

Trend 4. Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a coded system of database storage. Unlike traditional storage systems, blockchains store data in blocks, which are then linked into a chain. The benefits of blockchain technology are innumerable, with the most popular one being secure transactions.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency which has taken over the fintech world by storm.

Moreover, now there is a new type of technology in the market called NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens, which are digital assets that represent real-life objects such as art or music. This new technology has led to a whopping rise in the requirement for blockchain coding and NFT exchange marketplaces.

Trend 5: Trending coding languages in 2022

A discussion on the advancements in coding is incomplete without looking into what languages are ruling the world of coding in 2022. Here are our top picks: Python, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, C, Go, Swift, and C#

How you can learn coding in 2022

Learning to code is now easier than ever. The internet today is brimming with resources to learn any coding language that you like. There are boot camps, online courses, YouTube tutorials, and many more options for beginners to learn to code.

Check out our courses at Vivacoder which are designed to make coding a more accessible skill to learn for everyone.

The above-mentioned trends have made one thing certain: coding in 2022 is not limited to students of computer sciences and engineering anymore. Coding is for everyone and with every passing moment, the community of coders is striving to make it accessible for everyone. So don’t get left behind. Keep up with the trend and happy coding.

Fun trivia: Learning how to code

Coding is an excellent career in 2022. The job pays well and the opportunities in the field are only rising. All industries from education to health to travel and tourism are relying on coders for umpteen tasks, hence propelling the demand for coders.

Python is without a doubt at the top of all programming languages followed closely by Java, JavaScript, and C++.

Learning to code offers you a chance to get creative and boost your logical thinking skills. Research has found that while we code, different parts of our brain are activated which boosts our capacity to learn and analyze.

Coding is regarded as the most essential skill for the future as it is the backbone of the digital transformation that we are seeing all around us. Coding is the language of computers and computers are the basic requirement of every industry in the world.

No code or low code is a new automation initiative that targets eliminating the need for low-level coding. This makes coding more accessible for non-coders. No-code as an industry is estimated to hit $43 billion by 2023.