AED 7,500

This course includes

  • Course Type: Intermediate
  • Course Partner:
  • Duration:17 Weeks, Part-Time
  • Time with the Trainer:102 Hours
  • Course Delivery:Online Tutor Led
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Data science is one of the most sought after professions these days, and the demand for data scientists who can analyse data to take informed data driven decisions has been increasing exponentially.

Our program helps learners interested in pursuing a career in data science or machine learning develop career-relevant skills and experience.


  • Students should complete a 10-hour Python language and programming basics course.
  • Students should be able to install and prepare all necessary software used in the course.

Take-away skills

  • Python language:

    Explain principles of Python programming language including types, expressions, data structures and variables.

    Operate within virtual Python environments using Jupyter Notebooks and IDE.

  • Statistics

    Get familiar with the basics of statistics.

    Process, analysis and visualize data with Python using Pandas and Numpy libraries.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

    Create systems to utilize and learn from large sets of data.

    Build prediction algorithms using data.


KHDA approved course completion certificate

Companies using Data Science

Data Science and Analytics are the cornerstone of success in any industry. As the field evolves and becomes more complex, data analysts are needed in virtually every industry:

AED 7,500

This course includes

  • Course Type: Intermediate
  • Course Partner:
  • Duration:17 Weeks, Part-Time
  • Time with the Trainer:102 Hours
  • Course Delivery:Online Tutor Led
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Why Learn Data Science & Machine Learning?


  • 1

    Python language fundamentals (30 hours)

    • Get familiar with the principles of Python programming language including conditional statements, strings, modules and packages
    • Work with Data Structures in Python including Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Sets
    • Apply Python programming using Branching, Loops, Functions, Objects & Classes
  • 2

    Jupyter notebook (3 hours)

    • Learn to create programs using Jupyter Notebooks and IDE
  • 3

    Statistics (6 hours)

    • Understand the fundamental concepts of descriptive statistics and probability theory including probability distribution, statistical significance, hypothesis testing and regression
  • 4

    Data processing and analysis (12 hours)

    • Learn about data manipulation and cleaning techniques with Python using Pandas and Numpy libraries
  • 5

    Introduction to Machine Learning (15 hours)

    • Get an idea of what Machine Learning is and what kind of problems it addresses
    • Learn how to classify big amounts of data
  • 6

    Machine Learning models (30 hours)

    • Learn about supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms including regression, XGBoost, Naïve Bayes, KNN and SVM
    • Study predictive algorithms, natural language processing, and statistical pattern recognition
  • 7

    ML Models comparison and knowledge consolidation (6 hours)

    • Compare ML models and study methods of choosing appropriate models for specific purposes
    • Create robust predictive models with statistics and Python programming
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Rafał Styrylski

Python Developer

Rafal Styrylski has over 10 years of experience as a software developer and machine learning engineer. In addition to teaching Python and Data Science (Machine Learning modules) courses at Infoshare Academy, he works with Genesis Global Limited as a machine learning engineer.

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    Yes, the course is part-time course to be completed over 17 weeks. It can be done while studying for a degree program or alongside a full-time job.

    No, this program is a stand-alone certification program.

    Yes, the course offers a KHDA approved completion certificate.

    Data Science is a online tutor-led course.

    The course materials and session access is provided to the registered and paid students at least 5-7 days before the commencement of the course.

    Yes, you can pay in two installments. The first installment will be made prior the commencement of the course and the second installment will be automatically debited on the card on file at an agreed date.

    Fee Payment Policy

    Payment Method

    The payment can be done on the following modes:

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